Mashed Kenkey (local dish)

Mashed Kenkey was my favourite back in senior high school. It is fast and doesn’t require cooking on fire. It can be taken as a porridge with peanuts or frozen to make a popsicle.

1ball of Fante / Ga kenkey
6 tablepoon of Sugar (increase as desired)
150 ml Evaporated milk (as much as is desired)

1 Remove the packaging from the type of kenkey purchased.
2 Cut them into small sizes and place into blender.
3. Add sugar, milk, a little water and blend to obtain a creamy-like consistency. Add milk if it is too thick.
4. Serve with peanut.

#NB: to get the ice version, pour the blended mixture in plastic cups and place popsicle sticks into them and freeze for 2 hours and enjoy.

Stay tuned for more recipes.. yours truly, lady Elolo..


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