Asaana (local drink)

Asaana is a local drink made from corn.
It has been my favourite since childhood. It is served with some milk and ice cubes. During the Hot afternoons, a sip of Asaana will brighten your day like a paycheck. You just require 3 days to ferment the corn and boooyaaa, a cup of tasty and refreshing drink. Ingredients:
1kg of Crushed corn
1kg of Sugar
1 Soak the crushed corn for 3 days and allow to ferment.
2 Boil the fermented corn on the medium heat for about an hour.
3 When the foamy substance on the surface of the boiling corn is all gone, the drink is ready.
4 Melt the sugar in a saucepan with one litre water till it turns to treacle.
5 Drain the boiled corn in a large bowl.
6 Add the treacle to the corn water add stir.
7 leave the mixture for 20 minutes to allow it to cool.
8 chill the drink for about an hour and serve with or without milk.

IMG_20160723_032717this image has no milk. when milk is added it becomes like hot chocolate , like the featured image above..

Enjoy.. I am currently on my 2nd day of fermentation. I can’t wait to drink it. Stay tuned for more recipes. It has been yours truly, lady Elolo.


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